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tell me about crystal gemstones

what are crystal gemstones?


Crystal gemstones are classified by their internal structure. Some crystals are formed by the forces of water or liquids, while others by erosion, some arise from the explosion of fiery gases and molten magma from the centre of the earth. Some crystals are formed in a matter of days while others can take hundreds of years.


French physicist and chemist Pierre Curie (1859-1906) discovered that all crystals and gemstones vibrate to what is known as the piezoelectric effect. Today, crystals are used in everything from watches, radios, clocks, fashion jewellery and so much more!


Crystal gemstones were also mentioned in the bible. The sacred breastplate worn by the High Priest of the Israelites (according to the Book of Exodus), consisted of 12 gemstones.


People all over the world are fascinated with crystal gemstones, and let’s face it, they are stunning to look at!


are all crystals the same?

Not at all! Crystal gemstones come in so many different shapes and sizes. You can buy them as clusters, polished and even carved.



the core twelve crystals...

In her book, ‘the key to crystals’ author Sarah Barlett lists what she see’s as the core twelve crystals every crystal lover should have. Each of these crystals are easily available to purchase from any good spiritual store.










The only additional crystal I would be adding to this collection would a clear quartz crystal, afterall it’s classed as the master stone.



caring for your crystals...

Some crystals are more fragile than others especially those with finely polished surfaces which can chip or scratch. Some people will place their crystals in protective pouches while others will keep them in a safe place. It’s really up to you.



cleaning your crystals...

I would recommend cleaning any crystal you purchase. There are many ways to do this including placing them in sea salt or in a natural water source like a pond or the ocean. You can bury them in the dirt or put them out in the sunlight or moonlight. Just be aware that some crystals can fade from the sun, while others can be ruined by water, so you might want to check first.


further reading...

There are lots of publications available today which discuss everything from the geological aspects of crystal gemstones to metaphysical properties. Just do a google search and you'll find some pretty amazing stuff!